How do I use the insurance calculator?

Insurance is an investment like any other. From your home and auto policies to annuities and term life, use the free app above to estimate your policy’s return. Explore the tabs for more charts and tables.

You can also reshape the equation at the top by clicking Edit Formula. This will allow you to calculate returns on different types of insurance like health, home, and auto. You’ll also be able to consider popular investments such as term life insurance and fixed annuities.

The results are shareable! Link directly to the tool results anywhere online.

What are annuities?

An annuity is a contract between an insurance company and you, the policyholder. The issuer of an annuity agrees to provide the holder with a set amount of income either immediately or at some point in the future.

This would be considered a fixed income investment and serve a similar role in an investment portfolio as bonds or bond funds. The key difference is that annuities are typically less liquid and therefore cannot easily be sold to rebalance into equities or cash in the event of a market downturn.

Insurance ROI Calculator

From your home and auto policies to annuities and term life: insurance is an investment. Let our insurance ROI calculator demystify it all.

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